TransAction South Dakota is available to provide services to individuals, organizations, and groups to educate them about our organization or about the needs of the transgender community.

Brief Informational Presentations 

Board members are available to meet with organizations and groups to provide information about TransAction South Dakota and the services that we provide. These are brief presentations with opportunities for Q & A, lasting up to 15 minutes. There is no charge for these brief information presentations.

Presentations about Issues Related to the Transgender Community 

We are available to provide a variety of presentations to individuals, organizations, and groups. For instance, we can provide Transgender 101 presentations. In this presentation, we cover the basics of sex and gender, as well as various types of transgender identities. We also include discussions of privilege and the ways that cisgender people can become allies. We also are open to tailoring these presentations to meet the specific needs of those requesting the presentations. We do request a donation for these presentations to honor the time and effort that board members invest in creating and providing these services.