Board Members

Meet Our Team

These are our current board members:​


Marty Epstein

Phoenix Rosario

Beth Duenwald

Dani Beaner


Vice President



Marty has been a board member since March 2017. Marty brings many years of expertise in  nonprofit organizations and leadership. Marty also has experience with Accounting and website design. Phoenix Has been a board member since March 2017.
Phoenix brings much experience and talent to our board, and is an invaluable member of our team.
Beth has been a board member since April 2016, and is our trusted treasurer. She oversees purchases of all necessary assets, name changes, etc. as well as keeps receipts and records. Beth also does our bookkeeping. Dani has been a board member since March of 2017. She became our Secretary in June, 2017, and is a valued member of our organization. She shares the same passion and desire to give back to the transgender community.

Shane Sinclair

Kimmins Southard



Board Member

Board Member



Shane is the newest member of our board, and he joined us on June 2nd, 2018. Shane brings a special passion and desire to help the transgender and gender non-conforming communities of South Dakota, and has many assets which he brings with him.  Kimmins has been a board member since October 2017. Kimmins comes to us with much nonprofit experience. Their skills and achievements are too many to offer here. Kimmins is certainly a great asset to TransAction South Dakota, Inc.