About Us

TransAction South Dakota, Inc is a trans led 501(c)(3) community nonprofit organization. We live, work, and play in South Dakota. We are who we serve.


TransAction South Dakota works in coalition to advocate, support, educate, and raise awareness of trans and gender diverse people living in South Dakota. We strive to empower trans people to share their stories and take action to promote equality, justice, and liberation of all trans and gender diverse people.


We envision a future where trans and gender diverse people do not face social marginalization for expressing and self-defining our genders. We aim to contribute to a future where trans and gender diverse people are respected, with full equality in our society. Further, we strive to create a world that recognizes our contributions and the value of our lives.


  • Inclusivity

We honor the diversity of our experiences of gender and we utilize the term “trans and gender diverse” to include a broad spectrum of people whose gender identity or expression is different than their sex assigned at birth, including transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, agender, bi-gender, Two-Spirit, and non-binary people.

  • Intersectionality

We believe that the liberation of all oppressed people is necessary for us to achieve justice for trans and gender diverse people, as all forms of oppressed are intertwined and reinforce one another. In line with this value, we commit to recognizing issues of power and oppression as it relates to the intersection of all aspects of identity, and we seek opportunities to serve as allies and stand in solidarity with other oppressed groups.

  • Trans leadership

We believe in the capability of our own community members to speak on our own behalves, support each other, and lead the movement towards our own liberation. We are an organization run for and by trans and gender diverse people, and we aim to empower and develop the skills and abilities of our community towards leadership and collective action.

  • Grassroots organizing

We seek to engage communities at the ground level to build the power of trans South Dakotans and allies to take collective action, in line with our values, to achieve our vision.